International visitors

Foreign nationals from outside NATO or Multinational Industrial Security Working Group (MISWG) or Letter of Intent (LOI) member countries must have International Visits Control Office (IVCO) clearance before coming onto a MOD site that is operated and managed by a Contractor e.g. QinetiQ.

IVCO clearance is also required by foreign nationals from all countries (including NATO, MISWG and LoI member countries) if the duration of the visit is 21 days or more, is a recurring visit or if the visitors will have access to information or facilities above ‘Restricted’ level.

Although it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the visitor is aware of the need for IVCO clearance, it is the responsibility of the visitor to apply for IVCO clearance from their embassy.

It is therefore advisable for MOD employees who may want to bring foreign nationals onto an LTPA site, to discharge their duty by making the visitor/s aware of this requirement.

In the past, visitors have been turned away from LTPA sites for not having IVCO clearance. The fact that they have travelled from overseas and may be assisting with a trial will not mean they have automatic access to the Site. It is also essential to make the QinetiQ point of contact aware of visiting foreign nationals.



  • QinetiQ helps advance ISTAR programme for the UK Army
  • QinetiQ simulation and trials support MOD missile defence advances