DTEC Synthetic Natural Environment (SNE) Data Repository

On behalf of the MOD, the DTEC Catalogue will provide details of geospatial source and run-time data held in the SNE Data Repository that has been acquired or produced for Training and Education (T&E) programmes across Defence in order to promote sharing and reuse.

This page describes the management of SNE data which includes geospatial data, imagery, 3-dimensional model data of cultural features, and run time simulation visualisation data.

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The graphic above indicates the regions in the world where the DSC currently holds data. Clicking on a red marker will gives an overview of the area covered and the PDF files linked at the bottom of this web page provide detailed information of the terrain data held.

DTEC’s remit in the supply of geospatial information

One of DTEC’s roles is to be the focal point for MOD’s SNE data for T&E programmes. Whilst the primary source of geospatial information in MOD is the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC), all requests for geospatial products for T&E purposes have to go through DTEC so that they can be coherently coordinated and managed efficiently. No requests should be made directly to DGC or any other Government source for geospatial information.

DTEC will assess the request and either supply the most recently available source geospatial information for a given area, or can optionally supply data that has previously been requested and used by another programme. This is to allow correlated databases to be built from a single source dataset.

The DTEC catalogue will list holdings of geospatial information created or processed during T&E programmes. These may be derived from DGC source information (for example blended imagery) or procured separately where DGC does not have source information.

Please contact CapJTES-DSCCoord@mod.uk for more information.

Types of holding listed in the DTEC catalogue

The DTEC Catalogue lists two classes of SNE information – datasets and databases:

  • A dataset is a collection of source information that is available in a form that it can be used by 3rd party tools in the production of a simulation system. Source data can be both Raw and Processed with the latter indicating that it has been processed and optimised for T&E purposes only. A Dataset will consist of many components or layers in open or common formats, as specified by the DTEC Modelling and Simulation Standards Profile (DMSP).
  • A database is the end run-time product of this construction process, normally compiled for use on an end simulation system. Databases stored in the DTEC SNE Data Repository are currently limited to VBS2 format and OpenFlight, as these are two standard formats in widespread use across UK MOD.

Dataset holdings

The list of currently available data set holdings at the pDSC is available here.

Database holdings

The list of currently available databases at the pDSC is available here.

Requests for data sets or data holdings should be made to CapJTES-DSCCoord@mod.uk.