Aircraft Maintenance & Services

Aircraft part undergoing maintenance welding at Boscombe Down

Under the LTPA, we maintain and provide operational support to aircraft fleets and unmanned aerial vehicles to Maintenance Levels 1 and 2. We also carry out the highly specialised teardown, inspection and test of decommissioned aircraft.

MOD’s Test & Evaluation Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR) are supported by our capability for trial installations, modifications and upgrades. Our customers are able to assess the effectiveness of UORs with a minimum of delay, while maintaining a high level of support and integrity of recorded aircraft flight data.

We operate from six aircraft hangars. Typical services include:

  • Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) aircraft maintenance and repair
  • CAT3 structural repairs
  • Trial installations for all systems and components
  • UOR response
  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Aircraft weighing and centre of gravity calculation
  • Modifications to avionic, electrical and pilot static systems
  • Avionic and electrical power wiring modification and installation
  • Engine removal and installation

Aircraft Maintenance Testing is available at:


  • Graphical Data Analysis System - GDAS
  • Manufacturing Workshops
  • Military Accident Data Recorder Systems