Deployable/Mobile Instrumentation

Deployable/Mobile Instrumentation

Our deployable instrumentation systems allow you to augment existing infrastructure and help you instrument ‘greenfield’ or open space sites. Whether you need the loan of equipment or assistance with planning an activity, we can provide a service to meet your requirements for tracking and data acquisition.

The ability to capture data, and to use it in real time for control purposes, enhances and underpins our offerings.

Our key instrumentation capabilites include:

  • Electro-Optical Tracking Instruments (EOTI): high-precision auto-tracking instruments capable of carrying a variety of sensors and payloads, including infrared, high-speed and various focal length cameras; total payload capacity is 1 tonne
  • ST850 Tracking Radar: a mobile I-band system used to gather target position tracking information

Deployable/Mobile Instrumentation can be deployed to any location.


  • Deployable Systems
  • Hybrid Tracking Platform
  • Test & Evaluation Services