Munitions and Weapon System Performance Assessment

Missile Test on long test track Pendine

We provide an end-to-end test and evaluation service to assess the performance of indirect and direct fire weapons and their associated munitions including free flight rockets. This service helps minimise the risk in weapons programmes.

Our capabilities cover range and accuracy determination, performance, proof, development, safety, and acceptance testing. Specialised facilities include over-water recovery at Shoeburyness and the Pendine test tracks, where we can conduct dynamic warhead and missile trials under instrumented controlled conditions.

Other key trials include:

  • Shaped charge warhead, including jet characterisation
  • Fragmentation arena
  • Static rocket motor tests
  • Missile flight
  • Life extension trials – post-environmental testing
  • Armour impact assessment, vehicle vulnerability tests
  • Strength of design
  • Propellant qualification
  • Fuze function tests – point detonation, post-impact
  • Delay and proximity
  • Defect investigation and ricochet
  • Demolition methods

Munitions and Weapon System Performance Assessment services are available at:


  • Test & Evaluation Services
  • Weapons & Munitions Testing