Munitions Production Proof and In-Service Proof

120mm Proof firing at Eskmeals

Munitions and weapons production and in-service proof testing is routinely conducted under the LTPA. This ensures that munitions and weapons leaving the factory are safe for use and that there is a clear base set of data for in-service surveillance work.

Our capability includes:

  • Propellant proof
  • Complete round proof
  • In-service surveillance
  • Ordnance and component proof
  • Production proof
  • Fuze proof

We can test a variety of systems, including:

  • Small arms
  • Cannon
  • Large calibre
  • Demolition stores

We can also provide armour proof testing.

Munitions Production Proof & In-Service Proof is available at:


  • Test & Evaluation Services
  • Weapons & Munitions Testing