MOD Aberporth

Location of Aberporth Range Aerial view of Aberporth Range

Aberporth range is located on the west coast of Wales and occupies 6,500kmĀ² of sanitised airspace. This airspace is from surface to unlimited altitude and overlaps the Welsh Military Training Area, which offers some unique low-flying options. We also have the capability to manage weapons storage and provision for helicopter landing.

Aberporth provides a controlled safe environment for the release of land-, air- and sea-launched missile firings as well as instrumentation verification, passive and active IR/RF jamming and the ability to manage supersonic trials activity.

This fully instrumented controlled environment enables the evaluation of air and sea weapons, systems and training, including:

We have a fully instrumented 3D area for test and evaluation, space for training activities and secure storage areas for munitions. We can provide both live and virtual environments, real-time data, deployable systems and a wealth of expertise.


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