MOD West Freugh

Location of West Freugh Aerial view West Freugh

MOD West Freugh range is on the southwest coast of Scotland and occupies some 750km² of airspace and 380km² sea area and 12km² land area. The runway is disused and unlicensed but available for military exercises.

This controlled environment has the ability to conduct a variety of airborne and ground activities:

As well as providing land and sea impact areas, we can offer deployable systems and a wealth of expertise.

Our deployable systems enable you to augment existing infrastructure or help to instrument a ‘greenfield’ site, from deploying a system with a team of operators to planning and delivering a complete T&E or training programme. We can meet your needs, whether for military training, live surveillance bombings, UAV testing or a parachute drop zone, using fixed and/or mobile capability.


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