The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Night Vision Systems Test House

The Night Vision Systems Test House is primarily used for examining and assessing the compatibility of aircraft cockpit and equipment lighting in calibrated moonlight and night sky generated environments. It can be used for the assessment of land based vehicles equipment lighting in a calibrated environment. It can also provide night training for use of a range of night vision googles for aircrew, ground based vehicles users and military personnel in a calibrated repeatable simulated environment.

This Facility is a 35m x 22m x 8m dark tunnel enclosure capable of accommodating:

  • Certain fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Land based vehicles and small boats
  • Training military personnel with night vision systems
  • Offensive and defensive Laser operations

Indoor Laser Range
The facility is able to facilitate indoor Class 4 laser use by aircraft, vehicles and personnel.

Sunlight Assessments
The facility has a powerful daylight spotlight to simulate strong sunlight conditions to allow sunlight visibility assessments to be made on vehicle instrumentation panels.

Thermal Imaging Assessments
The facility has an array of thermal imaging cameras, Infra-Red (IR) Targets, Optical targets and IR collimators to help with Thermal Imaging and Electro-Optical (EO) assessments.

Facility Characteristics
The Facility conforms to Mil Standard 3009 Feb 2002 and provides an environment for testing of electro-optic and night vision compatible devices and systems on air, ground or water based vehicles:

  • Apex Moon and Horizon Moon capable of creating various moonlight simulations
  • Night sky projector suspended from the ceiling used to generate overcast and starlight conditions
  • Daylight illumination
  • Resolution Targets supporting the USAF 1953 test patterns
  • Night Vision Goggles performance test set
  • Infra-red collimator for systems boresight and Minimum Resolvable Temperature Measurements
  • Spectro-radiometer (350 – 1050 nanometres)
  • Thermal imaging camera ranges 3 – 5 µm and 8 – 12 µm
  • Spectrally correct paints for landscape targets to USAF 1953 standard
  • An infra-red target trailer for electro optical system testing capable of definition to 0.1º

Night Vision Systems Test House is available at: